By Alex Barker

Ustensiles indispensables, ingrédients, innovations, conseils et astuces déco... Glaces, sorbets, granités, parfaits, mousses, soufflés et truffles glacés, glaces au yaourt, au lait de soja... : un huge choix de recettes simples, classiques ou plus créatives. Une grande variété de spécialités pour petits et grands et pour toutes les events : Glace rhum-raisin Sorbet au citron Soufflé glacé à labricot Pêche Melba Cappuccino frappé Banana cut up : Sundae au chocolat...

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Un peu à l. a. manière de Cioran, ces réflexions philosophiques ou anti-philosophiques sont inséparables d'une humeur portée sur le scepticisme et le pessimisme. Tel Schopenhauer, Frédéric Schiffter fait de l'ennui une composante essentielle de los angeles vie humaine, tout en défendant los angeles réalité contre les utopies, qu'il variety dans les catégories soit du blabla (l'utopiste irréel est un charlatan) soit du chichi (l'homme qui dénie le réel est alors un précieux dégoûté).

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Pushing further her laboratory experiments in Neutre, Cixous openly combines fiction, theory, criticism, in what becomes a textual opera made of a plural narrator divided into hundreds of subjects, without limit between one sex and the other (ne-uter). Not generators, but linguistic agents compose, decompose and recompose the text under the guise of tropes and metaphors of generation (for example, the uterine echo of the tide). AlI the mythological heroes parade by and so do her other culture heroes, past and present.

In Bataille Cixous finds the notion of a general economy of 10ss and spending rather than appropriation. Through the work of Jacques Derrida, she construes the mix of spending (or dispensation) and writing to be an ongoing quest for meaning. Like many feminists, she shows how woman was relegated to death in a limited economy that is opposed to spending and loss. In Prénoms de personne, a critical and theoretical text, she meditates on the problem of psychic and monetary economy: Literature has long been at work at the subversion with which one embellishes it today.

1 am inside. It is said that love is as strong as death. But death is as strong as love and 1 am inside. And life is stronger than death, and 1 am inside. But God is stronger than life and death. It is said that words have power over life and death. 4 The beginning is structured not by opposites but by differences. The text is written at night, close to dreams. The play of differences that structure the text and give it movement, multiply figures of life or love - and death. The real death of the father is doubled by symbolic deaths, such as hatred, exclusions, symbolic killings with negative words.

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500 glaces & sorbets by Alex Barker

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