By Alexia Purdy

This Omnibus comprises the subsequent Novels & Novellas:
Ever Shade
Ever Fire
Ever Winter
The Cursed
(Also to be had Separately)

Shade is thrown into the Land of Faerie while she meets a mysterious Teleen warrior, made from fireplace and electrical energy. despatched on a trip to procure a unprecedented magic purely she will be able to wield to save lots of the Seelie forces opposed to the Unseelie armies, she discovers her special internal magic and doubtless a tricky selection in love.

The Unseelie Queen Aveta isn't one to trifle with. She hunts coloration down for her personal units and should ruin every thing color likes to get what she wants.

After slightly escaping the clutches of the Unseelie and stripped of her newfound magic, color trips to the Ice country, the nice Divide, to expectantly retrieve her certain up powers from an old Faerie King named Corb− yet loses her thoughts in its place. along her physique safeguard Dylan, a former Captain of the Teleen shield, she lays havoc to the Ice King’s citadel and forces their go back to the Teleen nation. Hurrying to arrive the Southern Realm, coloration claims her rightful throne and prepares for the approaching conflict with the Unseelie military.

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