By George R. R. Martin

ISBN-10: 9896375712

ISBN-13: 9789896375713

O bafo merciless e impiedoso do Inverno já se sente. Quando Jon Snow consegue regressar à Muralha, perseguido pelos antigos companheiros do Povo Livre, não sabe o que irá encontrar nem como será recebido pelos seus irmãos da Patrulha da Noite. Só tem uma certeza: há coisas bem piores do que a hoste de selvagens a aproximarem-se pela floresta assombrada.

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Then they weren’t plunging at all. They were featherlight. With a bump, they stopped. They were down. ’ said Allan. Tyne wondered how he was feeling, even as Allan smiled reassuringly at him. Murray left the cabin, walking with something like a swagger. He was pleasantly excited. For him, this was the simple life, with no cares but the present one. “The radar-baffle’s on,’ he said. ‘No signs of alarm from our friends outside. ’ They climbed into the spacesuits. The process took half an hour, during which Tyne sweated freely, wondering all the while if their ship had been sighted by Rosk lookouts.

At the sight of the reassuringly familiar shape of a local boat, he realised how much he had dreaded seeing Budo Budda’s ketch instead. At once he was jubilant. ‘Here!

For we have been exiled for two exhausting generations in the night of space. We can go no further. ’ A place ... But what place? C. convened practically without a break for weeks on end. For the first time in centuries, all nations were united - in a determination not to allow the Rosks on to their territory. In the end, two decisions emerged. First, that the Rosks should be granted an Earth base. Second, where’ it should be. Both answers were inevitable. Even Tyne, from his back seat in the debate, saw them coming.

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