By Albert Stwertka

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Offers the elemental recommendations of chemistry and explains advanced theories prior to providing a separate article on all of the development blocks that make up the universe.

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In a compound, however, bombardment by form tritium. fission bomb — is that neutrons, Teller and therefore contains it The important when lithium-6 is undergoes a nuclear reasoned that the original atomic if an ordinary — was bomb more than twice surrounded with that of watery transform lithium-6 into tritium but would also produce the a layer a of lithium deuteride, the explosion of the uranium bomb would not only supply the neutrons needed to temperatures needed to fuse the tritium with deuterium.

Some formed by the combination of the nitrogen oxides, ot' nitrogen with oxygen, have contributed to the pollution that has many plagued cities. in the internal The combination combustion engines of automobiles produces NO, nitrogen oxide, or in a reaction similar to the lightning. When oxygen form nitrogen dioxide, to corrosive gas. over such released into the Los Angeles cause considerable ters formed by the combination of nitro- worse, the ultra sociate, or free and is a has plagued cities. many The brown- eyes a cities is as well as It many is to the presence Photochemical smog throat.

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