By Kate St. James

ISBN-10: 1609286243

ISBN-13: 9781609286248

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Anything to keep her off-balance. “Coffee,” he continued. ” “Yes, of course, we both would like coffee. ” Tess’s face felt carved from granite. No sooner had the secretary left than Phil Renfrew caught up with them. ” Zach tagged him a cursory glance. ” The rest of the group minus Virginia descended. The older woman had stopped three meters back to speak to a paralegal. ” Graham asked. ” Graham clapped his son on the back. However, Ethan cast his brother a doubtful glance. “I can help,” Phil offered.

Something was amiss with Miss Strawberry Surprise—he’d have to be demented not to realize that. While Ethan had insisted he’d never before met the woman, Zach had reason to believe his brother was lying. Kate St. James He gazed at a crumpled slip of paper on the coffee table. Yeah, he had reason, all right. Eth, if you are pulling a fast one, I’ll clobber you into next Tuesday. But unless Zach fell in line with the hoax, how would he ever know? He hated his brother getting the better of him like this.

James Jack! Her nipples contracted into tight, tingling peaks. She could blame the reaction on the fact that warm, sudsy water no longer covered her breasts, but she knew better. Her body had responded to his low, sensual voice in much the same way Wednesday night. Wait. How had he found her phone number? She jerked up. Her elbow hooked the towel, dragging it into the water. Shit! ” She fumbled with the wet terry cloth. Too late. It was soaked through. And plastered against her stiff nipples. ” he repeated, concern softening his deep voice.

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