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6 NASA Heliophysics Division actual and projected budget implementation. SOURCE: Data courtesy of NASA. 1-6 Cost Growth in Missions Under Development at the Time of the Survey The 2003 decadal survey endorsed completion of three major NASA missions under development in 2003: Solar-B, STEREO, and SDO. The budget totals for completing Solar-B and STEREO are close to the budgets in the decadal survey. However, the decadal survey assumed that SDO could be completed in 2008 for an additional $315 million.

But if successful, the launch of Solar Orbiter, coincident with the launch proposed for Solar Probe Plus, offers an opportunity for complementary observations of the entire inner heliosphere for the first time. University-class Explorer missions are a highly leveraged opportunity to engage the next generation of space scientists at universities and to push forward key frontiers in the subdisciplines that constitute heliophysics. However, the limited launch capabilities discussed in Chapter 1 restrict the ability of NASA to procure affordable launch opportunities for small payloads.

5 of the current report. Coupling Complexity Initiative Program Grade: C Finding: No federal agency has led the way in creating new, interagency theory and modeling programs, such as the Coupling Complexity Initiative recommended by the decadal survey. However, within constrained budgets, NASA has supported the development of some portion of these activities through existing programs, such as its Targeted Research and Technology (TR&T) and its Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC). Background: The main challenges facing space physics require a theoretical understanding of the entire EarthSun system across regional boundaries and involving physical processes at widely disparate scales.

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