By Milton Heifetz, Wil Tirion

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ISBN-13: 9780521689458

What celebrity is that? the place is the Southern move? Who was once Orion? Answering those questions and lots of extra, this publication turns into a necessary touring better half for beginner astronomers heading overseas. Its targeted simplified maps make it effortless to discover the constellations within the southern hemisphere skies, and the celebs inside them. transparent directions advisor the person on tips to gauge sizes and distances, and stream simply among constellations. This new version has been up-to-date with extra mythology details, and a listing of the planet positions as much as 2016. Of price to every age, this e-book introduces the styles of the starry skies in a memorable manner. No apparatus is required to exploit this useful consultant: except common sight and transparent skies. superbly illustrated, this can be a great advent to unusual stars that would have astronomers of all degrees staring at on the skies conveniently.

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30) ✶ Follow the arc of the handle of Ursa Major past Arcturus and continue the arc to a bright star which is Spica. Find the irregular diamond shape of Virgo. ✶ A line from Antares of Scorpius through Star 2 of Scorpius goes directly through Libra in a curve to Spica. ✶ Spica is part of an equilateral triangle with Arcturus, and Denebola of Leo. To locate Corvus ✶ Follow the curve of the handle of Ursa Major to Arcturus continuing past Spica to locate Kraz, which is Star 1 in Corvus. ✶ A line from Star 1 of Crux through Star 3 leads to Corvus and continues to Denebola of Leo.

24 – Facing North and looking high up - January 10 pm Sirius 6 7° 7 Saiph Rigel 8 4 5 Mintaka 3 Alnitak Alnilam 20° Procyon Bellatrix Betelgeuse 2 1 40 A walk through the heavens Starting from Orion (Fig. 24) Orion, the Hunter, is a large striking constellation that may be seen in the northern sky during the summer months December to April. Look for seven bright stars in the shape of an hourglass with three bright stars (Stars 3, 4, 5) in a row forming the waist of the hourglass or the belt of the Hunter.

A line from Star 3 through Star 4 of Crux leads straight through the constellation of Carina and in a slight curve to Canopus, the second brightest star in the sky. At this time study the relationships between Canopus, Achernar and Crux and confirm your visualization of Carina. ✶ A line from Star 2 of Crux through Acrux (Star 1) leads to Star 2 (Miaplacidus) of Carina and moves in a slight curve to Canopus. 19 A walk through the heavens Fig. 13 – Facing South-West - June 10 pm 12 13 11 14 10 CENTAURUS 1 Rigil Kentaurus 3 2 Hadar 4 CRUX Mimosa Gacrux 2 3 Acrux 4 1 5 6 4 5 3 2 5 1 9 6 7 8 MUSCA 4 4 Miaplacidus ANTLIA 5 3 8 2 6 3 VELA 7 CARINA Avior False Cross 5 2 1 1 Canopus 20 Suhail A walk through the heavens The Centaurus–Crux–Carina–Vela relationship The True and False Southern Crosses To locate Vela and the False Southern Cross (Fig.

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