By Gregory McNamee, Luis Alberto Urrea

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We have now consistently enjoyed turtles, and we've usually suspected them of loving us. a global of Turtles, which gathers literary sightings of turtles over again and again and plenty of cultures, celebrates the long-standing position of those creatures within the human mind's eye. throughout our heritage we've attributed significantly anthropomorphic values to turtles—as this anthology will be sure. clever, droll, vivid, cautious, in charge, severe, and clever are evoked, but in addition, someway, noble, steadfast, loving. Turtles are consistent symbols of energy, endurance, patience, and lengthy existence. but, for us, from adolescence via maturity, they're perpetual resources of enjoyment as good With writings from Aesop to Melville, and folklore from the Abenaki to the Wagarra, an international of Turtles is an anthology of literary, folkloric, and clinical decisions approximately turtles and tortoises, compiled from historic, smooth, and modern resources. It appears to be like at those loved creatures from each attainable human viewpoint, revealing them (and us) of their many guises.

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Page ix time the ancient Chinese belief that the universe rests on the backs of turtles, constant symbols of strength, patience, endurance, and long life. ) This book, which gathers literary sightings of turtles over many times and many cultures, is a testimonial to that hope: a small effort to raise, if you'll forgive the phrase, turtle consciousness. Those of us who live in the United States have several opportunities to turn that consciousness into action, for of the 240-odd species of turtles worldwide, 49 of them are found in this country; of the world's seven species of true sea turtles, six live in North American waters; four tortoise species are unique to the United States.

The Rabbit was getting tired now and nearly out of breath, but he kept on down the mountain and up the other ridge until he got to the top just in time to see the Terrapin cross the fourth ridge and thus win the race. The Rabbit could not make another jump, but fell over on the ground, crying mi, mi, mi, mi, as the Rabbit does ever since when he is too tired to run any more. The race was given to the Terrapin and all the animals wondered how he could win against the Rabbit, but he kept still and never told.

It is totally a diurnal animal, and never pretends to stir after it becomes dark. The tortoise, like other reptiles, has an arbitrary stomach as well as lungs; and can refrain from eating as well as breathing for a great part of the year. When first awakened it eats nothing; nor again in the autumn before it retires: through the height of the summer it feeds voraciously, devouring all the food that comes in its way. I was much taken with its sagacity in discerning those that do it kind offices; for as soon as the good old lady comes in sight who has waited on it for more than thirty years, it hobbles towards its benefactress with awkward alacrity; but remains inattentive to strangers.

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