By Hartmut Franz (auth.), Prof. Dr. Dr. Hartmut Franz, Ken-ichi Kasai, Jan Kocourek, Sjur Olsnes, Leland M. Shannon (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9783333005843

ISBN-10: 3662267519

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Jung et al. (1990) compared cytotoxic proteins from mistletoe extracts with those of the thera· peutically used preparation lscadorR. By cation exchange chromatography cytotoxic proteins from the mistletoe extract were mainly eluted at the same positions as purified lectins while those of lscado? were eluted at the position of viscotoxins. The authors point out that ML I, the main cytotoxic protein of Viscum album represents only a small part of the total cytotoxic pro· teins in lscado?. Sauviat (1990) detected that Ph oratoxin B, a toxin isolated from mistletoe has a depolarizing ac· tion on frog skeletal muscle fibres.

Carbohydr Res 95:189-194 Janssen E, Uhlenbruck G (1981) Purification ofTridacnin and related galactophilic lectins. 3rd Symp Leetins in Cell Biology and Medicine, Nov 20-21, Hamburg, (Abstr) p 7 Kakoma I, Kinyanjui M (1974) lmmunogenicity of mycoplasma galactan. Res Vet Sci 17:397-399 Kania J, Janssen E, Uhlenbruck G, Pearson R (1980) Comparative investigations on the protein components of the haemolymph fluid of the tridacnid clam family using two-dimensional gel electrophoresis. Comp Biochem Physiol66B:117-121 Manjula BN, Glaudemans CPJ (1976) Homogeneous, anti-galactan immunoglobulins.

Am J Physiol258 (Endocrinol Metab 21): E 57-E 64 Schutt C, Pfiiller U, SieglE, Walzel H, Franz H (1989) Selective killing of human monocytes by an im. munotoxin containing partially denatured mistletoe lectin I. Int J Immunopharmac 11:977-980 Walzel H, Mix E, Jenssen H·L, Ziska P, Franz H (1982) Estimation of toxicity of the mistletoe lectin I using the foodpad swelling test in mice. Acta histochem 71:41-42 Walzel H, Brock J, Franz H, Ziska P (1989) Detection and quantification ofligand leakage from lectin affinity columns.

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Advances in Lectin Research: Volume 4 by Hartmut Franz (auth.), Prof. Dr. Dr. Hartmut Franz, Ken-ichi Kasai, Jan Kocourek, Sjur Olsnes, Leland M. Shannon (eds.)

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