By Robin Sloan

ISBN-10: 0374711844

ISBN-13: 9780374711849

From Robin Sloan, writer of Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, the tale of Mr. Penumbra’s first journey to San Francisco—and of the way he bought entangled with the city’s most original always-open enterprise…

It is August 1969. The summer time of affection is a fading reminiscence. The streets of San Francisco pulse to the sounds of Led Zeppelin and Marvin Gaye. And of jackhammers: A futuristic pyramid of a skyscraper is emerging a couple of blocks from urban lighting fixtures bookstall and an extraordinary subway tunnel is being outfitted lower than the bay. in the meantime, south of town, orchards are quick giving strategy to a brand-new equipped on silicon.
But younger Ajax Penumbra has now not arrived in San Francisco searching for loose love or a glimpse of the technological destiny. he's looking a book—the unmarried surviving reproduction of the Techne Tycheon, a mysterious quantity that has introduced and misplaced nice fortune for someone who has owned it. The final checklist of the ebook locates it within the San Francisco of greater than a century past, and on that scant little bit of proof, Penumbra’s college has dispatched him west to procure it for his or her library. After a number of weeks of rigorous searching, Penumbra feels no in the direction of his target than while he began. yet past due one evening, after one other day of dispiriting useless ends, he stumbles throughout a 24-hour bookshop, and the probabilities ahead of him extend exponentially.

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With luck, he could find them before they were killed in small groups by the Aiel. First there was the matter of this sister, though. In many ways he would rather have gone on without her, but leaving her alone, maybe to take an arrow she never saw coming, was not an option he could allow himself. As he started to rise and wave to her, though, the horse stumbled and fell, pitching her over its head. He cursed, then again when the looking glass showed him an arrow standing up from the black’s side.

I . . I have confirmation that the White Tower truly has broken,” Omerna went on. “The . . ” No wonder he sounded nervous, speaking heresy. There was no Black Ajah; all of the witches were Darkfriends. Niall ignored him and broke the wax sealing the tube with his thumbnail. He had used Balwer to start those rumors, and now they came back to him. Omerna believed every rumor his ears caught, and his ears caught them all. ” Of course the witches were conferring with him! He was their creation, their puppet.

They had as little shame as the Aiel, the Mayeners. “Gaul explained it to me, Aram. You know what a gai’shain is, don’t you? ” The other man nodded, which was a good thing. Perrin did not know much himself. Gaul’s explanations of Aiel ways often left him more confused. Gaul always thought it all selfevident. “Well, gai’shain aren’t allowed to wear anything one of the algai’d’siswai might wear—that means ‘spear fighters,’ ” he added at Aram’s questioning frown. Suddenly he realized he was looking straight at one of the Shaido as she trotted in his general direction, a tall young woman, golden-haired and pretty despite a long thin scar down her cheek and other scars elsewhere.

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