By Eoin Colfer

ISBN-10: 0786808551

ISBN-13: 9780786808557

Booklet Two-Now to be had in mass marketplace paperback Artemis is at boarding college in eire whilst he without notice gets an pressing video electronic mail from Russia. In it's a plea from his father, who has been abducted by means of the Russian Mafiya. As Artemis rushes to his rescue, he's stopped through Captain Holly wanting the LEPrecon fairy police. yet this time, rather than scuffling with the fairies, he's going to need to sign up for forces with them if he desires to store one of many few humans on the planet he loves. "A cracking stable read."-Publishers Weekly "The international that Colfer creates is as shiny and fantastical as any shire, Gotham, or galaxy some distance, distant. . ."-Entertainment Weekly (review: A-)

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