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This Eros-character of unconscious, instinctive wisdom always appliee to relatiotu between living things. It determines the primal The Child relationship and normally presides as Good Spirit and Good Mother over the earliest existence of the child, which in it and through it becomes integrated with life and the world. This integration of the child presupposes an order, and the mother is the great orderer of life who unconsciously and consciously determines the directions of the child's libido and the connections into which it will enter.

Every entrance into an archetypal fields3 leads to an abaissement du niveau mental, a diminution of consciousness, an intensification of the phenomena that may be described as participation mystique, in which the boundaries between subject and object available to consciousness are blurred and the unitary reality takes the place of the normal reality posited by our consciousness. With every shift of the ego in the direction of the Self, the unitary reality aspect 48 - - Primal Relatiomhip and Ego-Self Relatiomh@ 49 becomes more prominent; with every shift in the direction of the ego, it recedes.

We have said that the child psyche apprehends mythologically, that it apprehends the world in categories known to us from myth. The child-like and mythological views of the world are so similar as to be almost identica1,ls and this applies especially to their conceptions of creation, generation and birth, to the kinship between child-like theories of birth and creation mythology. Later on, the symbolism of the alimentary drive is sexualized; here the opposite occurs. If disappearing into the body is translated as eating, coitus, observed or described, can be interpreted as an eating of the penis by the mother and a feeding of the mother by the father.

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