By Anil K. Mandal M.B.B.S., F.A.C.P. (auth.)

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ISBN-13: 9781461290339

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Anil okay. Mandai, M.D., is among the trailblazers within the use of the transmission electron microscope within the examine of the urinary sediment. during this ebook, he studies his broad efforts to tie his massive scientific expe­ rience to his based easy study with the electron microscope. the images are accomplished, and the scientific correlates are properly defined in tables and textual content. it might astonish a few readers booklet for fellows and medical nephrol­ ogists has been written at the use of the transmission electron microscope within the learn of urine. a few may perhaps view this as a worldly examine tool. I, even if, applaud the hassle. such a lot of discoveries and advances in easy technology lie unutilized simply because clinicians usually are not conscious of the instruments on hand or have little guide of their use. possibly that's the reason why such a lot of assessments have come and long past, were came upon dead and dropped, or have easily been deserted after being judged too complicated-some simply because they have been, others simply because they have been by no means utilized and interpreted safely. the total box of study appears to be like pulling forward and clear of medical medication. accordingly, an attempt like this one, which swiftly and obviously attempts to introduce a sophisticated study exam approach into medical medication, is useful of admiration and sup­ port.

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3 The 24-hr quantitative proteinuria is expressed as milligrams per liter. The total volume of urine excreted in 24 hr must be collected to calculate 24-hr proteinuria. This method does not distinguish the type of protein (albumin, globulin, or light chain); protein types are identified by elec- 22 CHAPTER 2 trophoresis and immunoelectrophoresis. Short of renal biopsy or selectivity study, electrophoresis of urine showing percentages of albumin and globulins excretion provide only estimate the degree of glomerular damage and the intactness of the barrier to protein filtration.

05 mg! ml (50 mg total for a 24-hr urine volume of 1 liter). At concentrations over 50 mg/day, aggregation is likely to occur, particularly at low pH. 8) is at or below the lower limit of urinary pH, so that the lower the pH of the urine, the more likely is the TH protein to aggregate. Thus, casts tend to persist longer in acid than alkaline urine. 58 M sodium chloride to urine will precipitate most of the mucoprotein. Sodium, being the predominant cation in the urine, is considered to be the most important factor in aggregation of mucoprotein.

In addition, granules found in granular casts were positive for serum proteins, which Figure 2-2 Epithelial cells adhere to a homogeneous matrix (M) In thiS epithelial cell cast (epoxy tissue stain, x 400) PROTEINURIA AND CYLINDRIURIA 27 Figure 2-3. This is a light micrograph of a coarsely granular cast (e) from the patient in Fig. 1-2. Note the clusters of ili-defined epithelial celis (EP) (epoxy tissue stain. x 400). suggests the incorporation of serum proteins in certain types of casts. The IFM technique also demonstrated that material reacting immunologically as TH protein is found in the cells of the ascending limb of the loop of Henle and the macula densa segment of the distal tubule, in particular.

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