By Ignatius Donnelly

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This 1882 vintage bargains an erudite combination of proof from geologic, oceanographic, and anthropologic experiences and continues to be a charming paintings of and exuberance and inventive notion. 128 illus. creation by means of E. F. Bleiler.

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Schwoebel (Paris, 1858), and M. Omalius d'Halloy (Bruxelles, 1866), deny the universality of the Deluge, and claim that "it extended only to the principal centre of humanity, to those who remained near its primitive cradle, without reaching the scattered tribes who had already spread themselves far away in almost desert regions. " (Lenormant and Chevallier, "Anc. Hist. of the East," p. ) This theory is supported by that eminent authority on anthropology, M. de Quatrefages, as well as by Cuvier; the Rev.

It would appear probable that many parties had escaped from the catastrophe, and had landed at the different points named in the traditions; or else that colonies had already been established by the Atlanteans at those places. It would appear impossible that a maritime people could be totally destroyed; doubtless many were on shipboard in the harbors, and others going and coming on distant voyages. "The invasion of the East," says Baldwin ('Prehistoric Nations,' p. 396), "to which the story of Atlantis refers, seems to have given rise to the Panathenæ, the oldest, greatest, and most splendid festivals in honor of Athena celebrated in Attica.

Deucalion alone, because of his virtue and piety, was preserved alive to give birth to a new race. This is how he was saved: He placed himself, his children, and his wives in a great coffer that he had, in which pigs, horses, lions, serpents, and all other terrestrial animals came to seek refuge with him. He received them all; and while they were in the coffer Zeus inspired them with reciprocal amity, which prevented their devouring one another. In this manner, shut up within one single coffer, they floated as long as the waters remained in force.

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Atlantis. The Antediluvian World by Ignatius Donnelly

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