By Jane Austen

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This variation is written in English. besides the fact that, there's a operating Korean glossary on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are lots of versions of Persuasion. This variation will be helpful if you want

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Residence: 거주, 주택, 주소, 주재, grandmamma: 할머니, 노부인. 소재, 체재, 거류, 주거, 대저택, 저택, partiality: 편파, 편애, 불공평, 기호, 체재 기간. 부분적인 것, 부분적인 일, 좋아하기. shame: 치욕, 불명예, 수치, 창피한 일, pity: 동정, 연민, 애석한 일, 가엾게 부끄럼, 부끄러워 하게 하다, 모욕하다, 부끄럽게 하다, 부끄러움, 심한 짓, 잡된 행실. spoilt: 응석받이로 자라 못쓰게 된. temptation: 유혹, 광야의 시험, 유혹물. trash: 쓰레기, 객담, 잡동사니, 폐물, 나부랑이, 부랑자, 쓰레기를 치우다, 허튼소리, 시시한 작품. troublesome: 귀찮은, 골치 아픈, 다루기 힘든, 성가신, 까다로운, 말썽부리는. Jane Austen 41 prevents my wishing to see them at our house so often as I otherwise should. "% She had this communication, moreover, from Mary.

One would imagine you had never heard my father speak of her personal misfortunes, though I know you must fifty times. That tooth of her's and those freckles. Freckles do not disgust me so very much as they do him. I have known a face not materially disfigured by a few, but he abominates them. " "I think very differently," answered Elizabeth, shortly; "an agreeable manner may set off handsome features, but can never alter plain ones. " Anne had done; glad that it was over, and not absolutely hopeless of doing good.

She had little hope of success; but Elizabeth, who in the event of such a reverse would be so much more to be pitied than herself, should never, she thought, have reason to reproach her for giving no warning. Korean affront: 모욕, 모욕하다, 반항하다, 직면하다, 경멸, 태연하게 맞서다. assiduous: 근면한, 빈틈없이 손이 미치는, 부지런한, 세세한 점까지 이르는. clumsy: 꼴사나운, 다루기 힘든, 쓰기 불편한, 볼품없는, 재치 없는, 어색한, 솜씨시없는, 무뚝뚝한, 모양없는, 서투른, 모양 없는. hardened: 강해진, 경화한, 굳어진, 단단해지, 무정한, 상습적인, 철면피한. intimacy: 친밀, 친교, 정교, 밀통, 간통, 친밀함을 나타내는 행위, 불의. keenly: 예민하게, 날카롭게.

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